Грамматика уровень Intermediate

Intermediate GrammarIntermediate grammar

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что для того, чтобы узнать количество правильных ответов, Вам необходимо прислать нам название теста и Ваши ответы на адрес:



  1. This is the first time I________________ so many hamburgers. am eating
    have eaten
    have been eating
  2. We’ll get married as soon as we ________________the problem of where we ____________________ to live. will settle; will be
    have settled, are going
    settle, come
    will have settled, will be going
  3. Although he ____________________ plays ever since he was a schoolboy, this was the first time that one __________________for by a professional producer. is writing, was accepted
    has been writing, had been accepted
    writes, accepted
    wrote, was accepted
  4. _______________ discoveries are still very important. The Pasteur and Fleming’s
    Pasteur and Fleming
    Pasteur and Fleming’s
    Pasteur’s and Fleming’s
  5. The next morning she received a basket full of flowers. They were ______________________ roses. wonderful big yellow
    big yellow wonderful
    yellow wonderful big
    big wonderful yellow
  6. She said to her husband, “Funny, this tonic tastes guite_________________. It ______________ that bitter taste I disliked so much.” differently, had
    different, used to have
    nice, used to having
    pleasantly, doesn’t have
  7. He was _____________ nice! He always treated us ____________________ . so, in a friendly manner
    very, friendly
    such, in a friendly way
    -, friendly
  8. She suggested _____________ go skating and ___________take him with them as he had nothing to do at the moment. to, to
    that they should, -
    -, -
    that they would, to
  9. ____________ to accept his sister’s ____________Mike was anxious to perform his unpleasant duty. While deciding, piece of advices
    On deciding, advices
    After decided, piece of advice
    Having decided, advice
  10. “Do you hear the dog ______________. There ____________ a stranger outside the house.” to be barking, should be
    barks, may be
    barking, must be
    to bark, is
  11. “I believe it’s a year since you ___________________ involved in that tragic accident” have been
    had been
  12. The waiter asked her if she _____________something while the fish _______________. would have, was being cooked
    had, would be cooked
    would be having, would be cooking
    was having, would be being cooked
  13. I will be able to tell you whether the machine is good or bad when I _____________ it. will have tried
    will try
    have tried
  14. Yuri’s Gagarin was a dangerous flight. He _______________-? could have been killed
    was able to be killed
    must have been killed
    could have killed
  15. There’s no cake left. The children _____________ it all, __________ they? can’t eat, can
    can’t have eaten, can
    couldn’t have eaten, couldn’t
    mustn’t have eaten, must
  16. It’s time we ______________our parents. We _____________them for ___________________ a long time. visited, haven’t visited, such
    have visited, didn’t see, so
    had visited, hadn’t seen, a very
    visited, haven’t seen, such a
  17. If I had known that he needed money, I _____________ him some. I had ________ dollars to spare. would have borrowed, some
    might give, few
    would give, a little
    would have lent, a few
  18. Have you ever been ______Rome? Yes, we were _______Rome last year. in, in
    to, in
    at, at
    to, to
  19. The bad news surprised all of us_______Tom who had already heard __________. but, them
    instead of, it
    besides, them
    except, it
  20. On 20th May I left ____________King James Hotel to cross ____________ Atlantic on ____________ Titanic. the, the, the
    — , — , -
    — , the, the
    the, — , -

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