Тесты по бизнес английскому Intermediate Level

Business English Practice

Business English Practice

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что для того, чтобы узнать количество правильных ответов, Вам необходимо прислать нам название теста и Ваши ответы на адрес 

Тест по деловому английскому языку Intermediate Level

  1. Insert these infinitives and infinitive constructions “ 1) to achieve them; 2) to predict; 3) to set strategic objective; 4) to identify potential opportunities for growth” into the text: “Developing a successful strategy is a vital part of the planning process for all business organizations. Analysing where a business stands in relation to its markets and competition enables it ___(A)______________ and potential threats. It is then possibly ______(B)_________ and ______(C)_________ the human and financial resources needed ________(D)__________.” 1 2 3 4
    1 3 2 4
    4 2 3 1
    4 3 2 1
  2. Read the text and answer the question: ‘Why are public limited companies under threat?” “ There are many types of companies. Most large corporations are public limited or joint-stock companies, which means that shareholders who wish to invest in the company can buy and sell parts of the company on the stock exchange. Many are multinationals, with subsidiaries and assets in various different countries, and they generally engage in mergers with other companies and acquisitions in order to expand. However, the large corporation is increasingly under threat from the growing number of dotcoms set up by entrepreneurs.” They sell some of their parts on the stock exchange.
    They merge with multinationals.
    The number of dotcom companies is increasing.
    Their assets are in different countries.
  3. Which is the best title to the text as follows: “Globalization is forcing businesses to make cost savings by reducing operating costs. One way to do this is by outsourcing – transferring business processes such as order processing or call centre management to outside suppliers and service providers. Offshoring is a new form of outsourcing where businesses relocate back-office operations in overseas facilities where labour costs are lower.” The new global shift
    Going offshore
    The great job migration
  4. Which sentence predicts the situation? We might have to lower our prices in future.
    We are going to lower our prices in future.
    We will lower our prices in future.
    All the sentences predict the situation.
  5. A. __________ the report ______________yet? B. Yes, it _______. I ______it last week. A. What __________in it? Anything exciting? B. Nothing too shocking. But it _____________ several references to the generous pay rise the board ______________ themselves last year. A. Was; published; B. was; have seen; A.was; B.did make; awarded
    A. Has, been published; B.has; saw;A.was; B.did make; awarded
    A . Has, been published; B.has; saw; A. has been; B. made; have awarded
    A . Has, been published; B.has; saw; A. has been; B. made; has awarded
  6. CEOs ______________ huge rises for years. have received
    have been receiving
    have been received
  7. The figures are ____________than we expected. far worse
    by far worse
  8. With better training our staff ______________better with the problems that came up. had coped with
    coped with
    would cope with
    would have coped with
  9. Launching later _________our competitor to beat us. might have allowed
    should have allowed
    ought to have allowed
    need have allowed
  10. _______________ as a seller only takes a few minutes. To register
    Having registered
  11. I remember __________it in the papers yesterday. seeing
    to see
    being seen
  12. Falling sales in the US are bound to affect the company’s ________________/ currency
    bottom line
  13. Companies wishing to __________ for the project should follow the standard procedure. tender
  14. We’re having trouble filling the positions because of the _____________ of skilled workers. surplus
  15. _______________ allow company directors to buy shares at a preferential price. Severance deals
    Pay packages
    Stock options
    Pension plans

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